Senior Page

The Monee Township Senior Committee was formed to develop activities for the senior (65 and over) population in the township. These activities bring all the communities which make up the Monee Township, together.

The members of the Monee Township Senior Committee are:

  • Mary Lou Arredondo
  • Nancy Bishop
  • Phyllis Huske
  • Shirley Hutchins
  • Stewart Lipman
  • Victoria Tobakas
  • Oscar Trevino
  • Bill and Mia Quaranta




Dial A Ride

The Monee Township has entered into an agreement with Will County Will Ride, through PACE Bus Company, for Transportation services.  The Will Ride service senior residents 60 years of age or over for medical visits and disabled residents for medicial visits, vocational/educational training and shopping one day a week.  Once you are registed, contact PACE Dial A Ride, 1-800-244-4410, for reservations.  There is a fee for $4.00 per ride traveling outside of Monee Township, $2.00 per ride travel within Monee Township which will be collected at the time of service PACE Bus.  All riders must NOW register and have a Dial A Ride ID.  Contact the Monee Township for more information on registration, 708-534-6020.










February Valentine's Party
April Spring Celebration
July Salute to the Flag
September Senior Picnic
October Halloween Party
December Holiday Breakfast